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Luc De Winter

Luc De Winter (°1966) has been practicing Zen since 1993. He received the ordination of a monk in the Sōtō-Zen tradition and since 2003 is a teacher in Antwerp, where several times a week he leads meditation sessions, introductions, workshops and group discussions as well as offering personal guidance. He also facilitates retreats four times a year. Luc is regularly invited to give lectures and workshops on Zen and Buddhism by the City of Antwerp, the University of Leuven, De Bouworde, amongst others, as well as a variety of schools and organisations.


He completed his studies for organ, history of music and composition, inter alia, at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven, where his most important instructors were Luk Bastiaens, Reitze Smits and Luc van Hove.


For some years now, Luc has worked closely with the Berkeley (CA)-based calligrapher, artist and translator Kazuaki Tanahashi (°1933). On the basis of Tanahashi’s new authoritative English translations of the classical Zen texts (in collaboration with internationally renowned Zen Masters such as Joan Halifax and Taigen Dan Leighton), Luc composed SANDOKAI—Zen & Polyphony, a series of 7 works for a capella chorus, performed and recorded by Ensemble Polyfoon  founded by Johan Geerts and conducted by Lieven Deroo.


He composed music for the musical theatre presentation Liffey by Director Tom Hannes, Choreographer Alexander Baervoets and Sound Artist Ward Weis (Ghent, Kunstencentrum Vooruit—Minard Schouwburg, 2002).


Luc has written music for and upon commission for various ensembles (Carré, Trio Aura, Ictus Ensemble, Ensemble Polyfoon, I Fiamminghi), soloists (Lucy Grauman, Paul De Clerq, Frederik Croene, Veerle Peeters, Isabel Alonso Morillo, Tristan Driessens, Osama Abdulrasol, Lily Moons, Erwin De Bock, Lieselot Watté, Annelies Focqaert) and for the flute and piano duo Lindy Van den Berk and An Van Reeth. His music has been performed in festivals such as November Music, Grenzenloos, De Gentse Feesten and the Festival Van Vlaanderen and has been broadcasted by VRT radio and television and Radio Deutschland.

Last night was just an amazing experience. It was so wonderful…  in the center of western civilisation, following the tradition of western music, and then, bringing Dharma, in such a beautiful artistic way, to the general public.
It was amazing: many of us chant the Heart Sutra, Shiguseiganmon, Sandokai and so on, but it added such a dimension, such a beauty to our daily chants.
So I really wish to express my deep gratitude to the composer and the musicians who created this amazing music. I hope that it will be performed and studied, enjoyed in many parts of the world for a long time. So I’m very happy to be part of that.

Kazuaki Tanahashi, artist, calligrapher, translator, California

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