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The music of Luc De Winter


I see an outstanding potential in Luc De Winter’s work… I see it as being authentic… His music has led me to believe that Zen meditation should not merely consist of struggles, pain, and self-torture. Instead, it should be comfortable, easy, and joyful. Practice should be open to people of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, and physical conditions and capabilities. Doesn’t awakening belong to everyone?

Kazuaki Tanahashi, Berkeley, California

I truly enjoyed it. Played it for some friends who did as well. Was it Mircea Eliade who said that a religion can be said to have truly arrived in a new culture when a tradition of great art is inspired by that religion. Your contribution indicates this process is well underway.

Jesse Haasch, zen monk, Zürich

A remarkable feat, to bring into the polyfonic style the great Zen sutras, rendering them with such great beauty! As a co-translator of some of these ancient texts, I was grateful to have the opportunity to hear them in this completely extraordinary setting. I have deep admiration for the composer Luc De Winter, and his courage and talent in re-composing the heart of the Zen world.

Joan Halifax Phd, founder of Upaya Zen Center

I was stunned, listening. And truly grateful.
Luc de Winter’s beautiful music moves across space and time.
Thank you, Luc, and Ensemble Polyfoon.

Susan O’Leary, Wisconsin

Thank you, Luc.  You quite simply give a gift with your work and I so hope it reaches a wide audience.

Susan O’Leary, Wisconsin

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