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KANNON'S PILLOW is a seven-part suite for piano in which each part enjoys a particular place and function.The music was inspired by a practice of several years of zazen (Zen meditation). The recital is performed by Veerle Peeters (1978), a highly acclaimed concert pianist and founder of the prize-winning ensemble Frescamente.

Prelude for Kannon - 37 Wings - Mantra - Robe Chant (piano version) - Riding the Waves - Miracles of Each Moment - Kannon's Pillow (nocturne).

Total time 72'. 20 page colour booklet English / French / Dutch.

KANNON'S PILLOW was premiered on February 12 2012, in the chapel of the restorated monastery Rosario , Bever, Belgium.

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SANDOKAI - Zen & Polyphony was commisioned, performed and recorded by Johan Geerts' Ensemble Polyfoon conducted by Lieven Deroo. 7 pieces for vocal ensemble a capella based on classical texts of zen buddhism, in innovative translations by Kazuaki Tanahashi (b.1933), Joan Halifax , Taigen Dan Leighton and David Schneider.

The Ten Line Sutra of Avalokitesvara's Boundless Life - The Sutra on the Heart of Realizing Wisdom Beyond Wisdom - The Four Vows - Reading the Record of Eihei Dogen (Ryokan) - Robe Chant - Vast Boundless World (Dogen) - Sandokai (Sekito).

Luxury edition with 32 pages colour booklet English/French/Dutch; photos of the live concerts and reproductions of artwork by Kaz Tanahashi.

Available from Ensemble Polyfoon for worldwide delivery: € 19 + shipping costs.

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